Current Working Papers

Targeted Undersmoothing, with Christian Hansen and Damian Kozbur

Measuring Substitution and Complementarity in Menu Based Choice Experiments, with Tetyana Kosyakova, Thomas Otter and Christian Neuerburg.

Scalable Price Targeting, with JP Dube

Distributed Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Hierarchical Models, with Fredrico Bumbaca and Peter Rossi

One-pass algorithms for Mixed Marketing Models, with Keunwoo Kim (coming soon)

Optimal Targeting with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects, with Gunter Hitsch (coming soon)

Identity Fragmentation Bias, with Tesary Lin (comin soon)

On Search, Sales Assistance and Purchase Decisions: An Analysis Using Retail Video Data, with Aditya Jain and Nils Rudi (being revised)

Publications and Accepted Papers

 Big Data and Marketing Analytics in Gaming: Combining Empirical Models and Field Experimentation, with Harikesh Nair, William J. Hornbuckle, Ranjan Mishra and Anand Acharya, Marketing Science, (Forthcoming)

Homogenous Contracts for Heterogeneous Agents: Aligning Salesforce Composition and Compensation with Harikesh Nair and Oystein Daljord, Journal of Marketing Research, April 2016, Vol. 53, Issue 2, pp. 161-182.

MCMC for Incomplete Information Discrete Games
Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 11(1), pp. 117-153, March 2013

Enriching Interactions: Incorporating Revenue and Cost Data into Static Discrete Games with Paul Ellickson
Quantitative Marketing and Economics, (Lead Article) 10(1), pp. 1-26, 2012
(Winner 2013 Dick Wittink Award for Best Paper in the QME)

Repositioning Dynamics and Pricing Strategy with Paul Ellickson and Harikesh Nair
Journal of Marketing Research, 49(S), December 2012.  

Disentangling Preferences and Learning in Brand Choice Models, with Sangwoo Shin and Dan Horsky
Marketing Science, 31(1), Jan/Feb 2012, pp. 115-137

Estimating Discrete Games with Paul Ellickson
Marketing Science, 30(6), December 2011, pp. 997-1010, (Invited Paper)

A Structural Model of Sales-Force Compensation Dynamics: Estimation and Field Implementation with Harikesh Nair
Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 9(3) Sep. 2011, pp. 211-225
(Winner 2012 Dick Wittink Award for Best Paper in the QME)
    Commentary by Profs. Rust and Staelin (QME)
    Response to Discussions by Profs. Rust and Staelin (QME)
    9(3), September 2011, pp. 267-273

Supermarket Pricing Strategies, with Paul Ellickson
Marketing Science, 27:5, September-October 2008, pp. 811-828

Discrete Choice Models of Firms' Strategic Decisions
Marketing Letters, Vol. 19, 3-4, Dec. 2008

Observed and Unobserved Preference Heterogeneity in Brand Choice Models, with Dan Horsky and Paul Nelson,
Marketing Science, 25:4, July–August 2006, pp. 322–335

Contract Duration: Evidence from Franchising, with Jim Brickley and Larry VanHorn
Journal of Law and Economics, XLIX, April 2006, pp. 173-196
(Winner, International Society of Franchising Best Paper Award 2003)

Generalized Reverse Discrete Choice Models
Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 3:2, 2005, pp. 175-200

Salesforce Compensation: An Analytical and Empirical Examination of the Agency Theoretic Approach, with Anne Coughlan and Chakravarthi Narasimhan
Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 3:1, 2005, pp. 5-39

Scheduling Salesforce Training: Theory and Evidence, with Anand Krishnamoorty and Ashutosh Prasad
International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2005, 22, pp. 427-440

Salesforce Design with Experience-based Learning, with Edi Pinker and Rob Shumsky
IIE Transactions, 36, 2004, pp. 941-952

An Empirical Analysis of Software Life Span, with Paul Nelson and Bill Richmond
Information Technology and Management, 2006, 7:2, pp. 131-149

Understanding Firm, Physician, Consumer Choice Behavior in the Health Care Industry
Marketing Letters, 16:3/4, 2005, pp. 293–308

How Consumers' Attitudes toward Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs Influence Ad Effectiveness, and Consumer and Physician Behavior, with Michal Herzenstein and Steve Posavac, Marketing Letters, 15:4, 2004, pp. 201-212

On Risk, Convenience and Internet Shopping Behavior, with Amit Bhatnagar and H. Raghav Rao ,
Communications of the ACM, November 2000, 43(11), 98-105

An Empirical Investigation Into the Validity of Transitivity and Non-Satiety Assumptions in Partial Order Structures: A Note, with S. Divakar and H. Rao
IEEE Transactions (SMC-A), November 2000, 30(6),820-824

A Cointegration Analysis of Demand: Implications for Pricing, with M. Trivedi
Journal of Pricing Strategy and Practice, v.5.4, October 1997

Older Working Papers

Dynamics of Retail Oligopoy, with Arie Berestaenu, Paul Ellickson and Chet Reeder

Who's to Blame? A Bayesian Decomposition of Efficiency in Hierarchical Sales Organizations

Investigating Dynamic Sales Quotas, with Andy Leone and Jerry Zimmerman

Estimating Bargaining Games in Distribution Channels, with Sanjib Mohanty